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Universal Devices Insteon and Zwave Automation Controller Pro with IR Receiver

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Universal Devices Insteon and Zwave Automation Controller Pro with IR Receiver



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Universal Devices Insteon and Zwave Automation Controller Pro with IR Receiver


The ISY994iZW series provides full programming and automation, including scheduling, control and notification of both Insteon and Zwave automation products with it's built in Zwave antenna.  This model ISY994IRPRO includes additional memory for larger installations as well as a built-in IR receiver that allows it to be controlled or trigger actions based on infrared commands.  Use it with an existing remote by learning IR signals, or take advanatge of the ISY codes built in a Harmony remote.

The ISY994iZW series feature very small size, low power consumption and independent operation, so it runs 24/7 without any computer connected. With built-in network/web support, you can check status and control your Insteon devices from anywhere in the world with no additional fees or subscriptions using a web browser or smart phone application.  It does NOT require internet to operate, however an Internet connection allows for firmware updates, remote control and notification features.

The ISY994 has a variety of (paid) software plug-ins available including:

  • Elk M1 Gold integration: supporting zones, arm/status, timers and more
  • Network Module: host your own web site, control/monitor 3rd party network enabled devices
  • Climate Module: use local Weatherbug information in programming
  • Electricity Module: monitor your home's engery usage with Brultech meter

Even with so much power under the hood, it's easy to set up and use for the DIY customer or advanced installer.

  • iPhone / iPad apps: MobiLinc , EKeypad
  • Android apps: MobiLinc, EKeypad, Conductor

The ISY-994 can make your exterior lights come on at dusk and off at dawn. You can set lighting schedules to make your life simpler and react to external events. Add motion sensors and light sensors for more advanced applications. When traveling or at work, you can monitor and control your system over the Internet. It even supports email and pager notifications of events.

The ISY-994 requires a 2413S PLM for Insteon control so please be sure to add one to your order if you don't already have one.

Universal Devices ISY-994iZWIRPRO Insteon/Zwave Web Enabled Controller Features:

  • Built-in infrared receiver, to learn IR commands from existing remote
  • IR commands built in to Harmony Database
  • On board memory to download events and timers
  • Support for up to 1024 devices / scenes and 300 programs/triggers
  • Built-in Zwave interface and antenna included
  • Requires 2413S PLM (not included) for Insteon support
  • ISY-POWER power supply included
  • Calculates sunrise/sunset times based on city name or latitude/longitude
  • Supports automatic daylight savings time adjustment
  • Supports email, text message and pager notification of event triggers
  • Controller has user upgradeable firmware so you can always have the most recent updated version
  • Very small foot print, quiet (no fans or drives), and very lower power consumption
  • Completely network / Internet enabled allowing access from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Run timers and events without having to leave your computer on
  • Link INSTEON devices and make complex scenes without having to tap the Set button on your INSTEON devices
  • Link Zwave devices (create scenes or associations)
  • All links and scenes are created within the INSTEON devices: ISY can be powered off and INSTEON scenes will contiue to function (triggers, timers, and ELK support require ISY to be powered on
  • Backup and Restore your entire INSTEON network; Replace defective INSTEON devices with a single mouse click
  • Heal your Zwave network
  • Native integration with ELK: control your INSTEON devices and scenes through ELK's Keypads and Touchscreens
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