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Zipato Zipabox Zwave Automation and Security Controller

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Zipato Zipabox Zwave Automation and Security Controller



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Zipato Zipabox Zwave Automation and Security Controller


Zipato is an affordable, next generation automation and security control center with cloud based monitoring and control from your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android device.  Zipato can be used as a security system, medical or elder alert system, home or business automation system, climate control system and energy monitoring platform - all in one little little package.

Out of the box, Zipato supports wireless Zwave sensors, locks, lighting controls, Zwave siren/strobes and energy management devices.  Zwave wireless sensors can be set up as security zones and partitions (aras) that can be armed and disarmed from your smart phone or tablet from inside or outside the building via Internet/Cloud connection.

The Zipato Security module can be purchased and simply snaps on to the the expansion port, to add traditional wired security sensors, and a traditional wired siren, to take advantage of low cost or pre-existing wired sensors. 

Zipato's uniquely powerful and simple jigsaw puzzle rules system can be used to send access or alarm notifications by e-mail, SMS text messages and even text-to-voice alerts!*  It can also be used to set up an elder-care system by monitoring key motion or door/window sensors to make sure loved ones are moving around regularly, and set up an alert if no motion is detected or if a panic button is pressed.

Create energy management rules to reduce heating/cooling when areas or the building is unoccupied, or based of time of use, or set up alerts in case of above average energy use, by combining with power sensors or Zwave smart energy meter devices.  Zipato can be turned in to an automated thermostat using Zwave sensors and modules, or add a Zwave thermostat and control and monitor it.

* Cloud service, rules and E-Mail alerts are free.  Voice and SMS alerts use inexpensive Zipato credits per message which can be purchased directly from Zipato.  1 Zipato credit = 1 Euro. Additional cloud services can be purchased to add cloud video storage.

Zipato Zipabox Expansion Options:

Zipabox Security Module
Zipabox Battery Backup Module
Zipabox Serial Module

Zipato Zipabox Automation and Security System Features:

Security and Safety

  • up to 255 wireless zones/sensors
  • multiple partitions (areas to arm/disarm separately)
  • use same Zwave sensors for automation and security
  • local/remote arm/disarm and status-info over any smartphone
  • include arm/disarm comands in automation scenes and rules
  • use sensors to monitor elders for motion, entry/exit and set alerts if they aren't moving
  • optional integration with existing alarm systems (DSC, Honeywell, Paradox) (requires additional modules)


  • zwave lighting modules pre-configured
  • automatically turn lights on at sunset and off at sunrise or by schedule
  • support remote control using Android and iOS phones and tablets
  • unlimited number of scenes supported
  • turn lights on during emergencies
  • advanced event based rules configuration


  • two-way multizone heating and cooling control from Android or iPhone, iPad
  • advanced programing scheduler online, accessible over web browser
  • easily create virtual thermostats for each room
  • multizone humidity control by using standard humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • use internet weather services to adjust climate conditions
  • include your climate control in automation and alarm events
  • get notifications based on temperature events, power outages

Water and Flood Detection

  • monitor for water leaks from anywhere with Android or iOS smart phone
  • detect water leaks in the bathroom, laundry area or near water heaters
  • receive alerts by email, text or voice
  • add a Zwave valve to automatically stop the flow of water when leaks are detected

Access Control

  • remotely lock/unlock your door over any smartphone
  • remotely open/closed your garage door or gate from Android or iPhone
  • get video notification when someone open the door
  • automate doors/locks using scenarios and event based programing tool
  • trigger automation events when door lock user codes are entered
  • automatically unlock doors in the event of an emergency


  • access live and recorded video via the web or iOS or Android smartphone
  • get email and sms notifications with pictures attached
  • remotely adjust pan-tilt cameras


  • real-time energy consumption monitoring and notification
  • automaticaly turn on/off your appliances


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